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About Umlungu

Umlungu has been sourcing and exporting Southern African Art and Craft since 1990.

We offer consistency, quality and excellent communication and we understand what our Overseas customers expect.

Our aim has always been to buy each piece as close to its source as possible, which means exploring the Townships, Markets and Countryside of South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Our first Export Product was the Plastic Chicken, found on a street corner in Cape Town. The creator was Isaac Naki, with whom we worked closely for the next 10 Years.

The Chicken has become a symbol of the quirky nature and ingenuity of local crafters to create a product using so little – it epitomizes “Township Craft”.

Umlungu forges sustainable relationships with Crafters and exposes their creations to an Overseas Market, normally inaccessible to such Informal Traders. We deal with all our Suppliers based on Fair Trade Principles.

Enjoy our Products, we have had fun finding them and making Friends along the way.

Please note that all Umlungu and Tin City Products are not Toys and made for Decorative purposes only.

Andrew Dombuleni
Isaac Naki
Hilton Rayile
Hilton Rayile


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